Today internet connection in boarding die, because one of my friends reset.

so I will try to explain how to set up the modem manually. I hope this helps my friend and all of you. (Speedy is one of the internet provider in Indonesia with the outer tissue because of PT. Telkomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom))

TP-LINK modem is one brand that is widely used in #Indonesia

The following are the steps to setting manually reset the modem

  1. Turn on the modem, wait for the lights ADSL, LAN and power contained in the modem is on (special ADSL light should light steady, not blinking).
  2. Put a regular browser you use (eg Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Goofle chrome, Opera, etc)
  3. Put pages Gateway (Gateway to TP-LINK modem is in the browser.
  4. Furthermore, the modem will be asked for a username and password, the TP-LINK default username is "admin" and Password "admin" (without the quotes)
5. The display will appear as below: Click Quik Start, then Run Wizard 6. Next will appear the image below: click Next 7. Next will come the city elections Time Zone, select "Zone GMT +07:00 Bangkok, Jakarta, Hanoi" and next 8. The next screen is the selection of the Internet connection Type, select "PPPoE / PPPoA" and next 9. After that, enter your username comprising [email protected], password (usually no utuk speedy phone used) VPI = 0 and VCI = 35 (VPI / VCI used are the Jakarta area, VPI / VCI may be different for each region / city). Click next 10. The next screen is the Quick Start Complete. select next and then finish. 11. Once completed, the screen will go directly to the Status tab to show the success of our brilliant ... if nothing is wrong, Status will look like this: there can be seen in the line filled PVC2 IP Address, Subnet, Gateway to the status up. How about no?, Try to repeat the above steps properly. username and password must be correct.

I hope this information can help
correct me if I'm wrong