Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao's star is fading after that brutal knock-out punch from Juan Manuel Marquez. Unless he can win convincingly against Rios, his star may never recover. Convincingly means that he must dominate, hurt and floor Rios as if he is his greatest enemy and not his best friend.

Manny has already proven himself to be the best ever many times over. He is the best,but has a flaw that needs corrected... Focus and too much multitasking.

Yes he has proven himself to the world that he is one of the best. Unfortunately he can't just bank on his past success. Remember that he was floored by Marquez after losing the previous fight.

The problem with Pacman? Too much distractions.

He needs to focus on one thing and one thing only. BOXING. He need to see only one image and that is the image of the person who he is going to demolish come fight night. He cannot think of politics, he cannot think of religion and he cannot think of other things that would only serve as distractions to his training. He must hunger for this fight. He cannot afford to be a good guy now. He must unleash the beast that made him a champion. If the Pacman can do that, then Rios won't stand a chance.

However, if he continues to allow distractions in his training, then he is almost sure to lose this fight. Rios is young, he's hungry. Pacman is his ticket for a bigger fight purse and most assuredly, Rios would do everything that he can to knock the Pacman down. Just as Pacman was ready to knockdown Barrera in their first fight.

I'll be providing live stream link in this article on November 24, 2013. So stay tuned Pacman Fans.

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