We have here now the news about the Malaysia Airlines Flight. Been reading it on the news and on the TV for quiet some time. I'd expect that they would find where is located, but still none. Almost all of the countries helped on searching for that plane but still no location on where the airplane went.

My opinion is maybe it was hijacked and the systems in the airport on where the radar is a set up or an inside job. It was too perfect that the radar would always be tracking on where the plane will be landing and where it will take off. They say it's a terrorist who stole a passport to get into the flight. If it exploded or crashed. It could easily be detected by the floating metals or parts of the plane into the ocean, but there was none.

Another opinion without further study or research. An alien something super hi technology did this. Like the Bermuda triangle where planes vanished in mid air. All planes lost in the Bermuda triangle were never found.

Just my opinion :)

What's your opinion guys? :)