I am glued to the television when I hear any new news about the missing Malaysian airplane. It is so heartbreaking and even though I think everyone knows deep down inside that these people are gone forever, we all keep watching, hoping, praying that they will be alive and okay. I sure do! Its so hard to wrap your head around the fact that a huge airplane with the technology we have in 2014 could just vanish into thin air. But, it happened. My stepdad was a pilot for a large airline until a few years ago when he retired, and he says it is very possible, and that in small countries they do not have the technology we have here in the United States. And, there is so much land and sea to cover. I think the consensus is that it most likely crashed into the ocean, but I would think there would be some debris showing it had crashed. Either way, this heartwrenching story breaks my heart. Pray for this plane and all passengers!

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