So many are still wondering what happened to the Malaysia Airlines jet MH370, Flight 327. It is both frightening and baffling to think that one can board a jumbo jet and then simply disappear into the atmosphere. How could this be even remotely possible? This is almost like something out of a major motion picture film but the sad truth is the fact that it is real and we may never know what happened to those 329 lives aboard that flight. It is difficult to watch the coverage of the many families, friends and loved ones who were gathered in the airport waiting for any sign of hope after they learned what had happened. It is so difficult for them as well as those of us that wish only the best for others, to worry about their well-beings and know that there is nothing we can do to change what occurred on that fateful day. At this point the officials are still uncertain of what exactly occurred as no signs of wreckage or debris has been found even though the search has been going on for over a week now. Time is definitely of essence as aviation officials indicated that the more time elapses the lesser the chances that they have of ever finding the black box that can at least provide them with some information on what truly happened to the jet and its 329 passengers. At this point, officials are now focusing the blame on the two pilots Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53, and Fariq Abdul Hamid, 27, which does not bode well for those people closest to them, such as their families. “The two pilots at the helm of the missing Malaysia Airlines passenger jet which vanished a week ago with 239 people on board are being investigated amid fears the plane was hijacked”, (Corcoran, K., 2014).

It is highly difficult to imagine why anyone would contemplate let alone carry out such an heinous act as the officials in Malaysia are now alleging may have been a factor in the disappearance of Flight 327. Most people who knew the two personally have thus far not revealed any background information that would support the fact that these two highly trained pilots were indeed capable of such a dastardly deed. Psychological profiles to determine such a probability are being conducted currently to determine whether or not if either of the two pilots possessed such mental health issues that would have potentially provided the catalyst for such actions. Definitely hoping that this is not the case but how can we ever truly know what happened on that flight and to all of those innocent people who may never be found alive? What a horrible thing to live with every day. The not knowing what happened makes it even more difficult to accept I would imagine and can only hope that the families and friends of these 239 people, will one day receive the justice and answers that they so sincerely deserve. Such an incident truly makes many people wonder whether or not if they can ever know anyone for certain particularly when it comes to the professionals responsible for piloting major air crafts across the globe and that is in and of itself, a terrifying prospect.

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Reference Corcoran, K., 2014. Pilots who were flying missing Malaysian jet under police investigation amid fears the plane was hijacked by people with aviation training. Retrieved from

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