I am relatively new to the Social Media scene. This is bad on one hand because I may have theoretically missed out on thousands of my not friends bitter break-ups and at least a billion tweets... which has to be a bad thing... right? But it is also not so bad because I have the opportunity to look at this seething pool of human interest for what it is as opposed to what it has become. It is kind of like being a kid at Christmas time as opposed to the kid's elderly crazy relatives.

Which brings me to Swagbucks! Somehow...

So If you have never heard of this program before, it is essentially a website devoted to giving you ways to earn points which you then apply towards the purchase of things!

The things you choose can be anything from a bar of soap to a gift card to Amazon.

Now earning these points is the thing. I signed up about a week ago, I have a sizeable chunk of time on my hands and I have managed to scrape together 1,380 points. I have even gathered some tips for your Swagbucks winning pleasure...

  1. If it doesn't drive you crazy, use the search engine. You periodically and randomly win Swagbucks literally just for searching just like you always do. I have won like 30 Swagbucks just by messing around like normal.

  2. There is a Twitter feed that can text you the periodic Swag Codes that give you bonus Swagbucks if you input it before it expires.

  3. Swagbucks has a TV channel for your mobile that will give you 2 bucks every five minutes you watch (or just leave it running....) up to a total of 50 a day. If you just do that, you can earn a $5 Amazon gift card every 9 days. You can watch previews, ads and shows on their main site too for up to 150 Swagbucks a day, but that is a lot of Cheetos commercials.

  4. The surveys give you a bunch of points if you have a desirable demographic and a crapload of patience.

  5. The "tasks" are powered by CrowdFlower (for those of you who Mturk for 12 cents an hour) and actually manage to feel less rewarding than making 12 cents. They are usually something like evaluating a Spanish YouTube video or looking up the Board of Directors at some company.

  6. They have game tournaments for their ridiculous flash based games... but they are way too ridiculous to discuss.

So there you go. It is a decent way to pick up a giftcard or two as well as a neat way to learn about new offers and deals out there.