Soursop leaf tea is now widely consumed for a variety of health benefits, especially for fighting cancer. Efficacy Soursop Leaf in the fight against cancer cells has been proven through many local and international research. With the growing popularity of soursop leaves benefits, more and more demand for soursop leaf tea so now a lot of soursop leaf tea in the market freely. But you know that to make a soursop leaf tea is quite easy. Here's how to make a soursop leaf tea for cancer. soursop leaf tea

* Selection of soursop leaf, select soursop leaves that are not too old or young, select leaves which have a perfect shape without caterpillar bites. * Wash soursop leaves with clean water so that the soil like dirt or dust may be lost. * Drain soursop leaves that have been washed so that any water remaining from washing away. * After the rest of the water is lost, chopped or cut into pieces soursop leaves into small pieces. It is intended that the content in the leaves of the soursop can come out easily when brewed, and help the drying process to make it faster. * Dry the leaves of the soursop has been chopped sun-dried in the sun for 3-4 days until the water content of not more than 8 percent, sure turning the leaves during the drying process so that the leaves dry evenly. When you want to use the oven, use a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. * Soursop leaf tea is ready to be packaged and consumed. * Put 2 teaspoons in 200ml water, add honey to taste.

That is the way to make yourself at home soursop leaf tea, Good luck.