Can you make money online from selfie? Yes, you can! Have you noticed that there are some homepage articles that contain selfie? Selfie is a viral subject nowadays. Instead of posting your selfie on Facebook, you can take more images of yourself and use them as your bubble images and make money from it.

Some of the top earners here on Bubblews use their personal photos in order to catch attention of bubblers. While we can write anything under the sun here, a personal title would welcome more and more eyes with a selfie!

Have you tried it? I may try it one day. It doesn’t need you to be pretty and good looking. Selfie will show your confidence too! How confidence you are to show to the world your selfie?

FYI: I decided to add selfie to my MS Word dictionary. We all know that language is arbitrary – who knows one day selfie will be on Merriam Webster Dictionary too?

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