The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has again set up a tent inside the Indian Territory of Eastern Ladakh near the disputed site in Depsang Valley, taking to five, the number of structures erected after the earlier incursion and thus dashing the hopes that the Indian Government’s assessment that the border standoff would be resolved soon. The PLA also waved banners proclaiming the territory as their own. The banners screamed “You are in Chinese side”.

Meanwhile in the Indian Parliament there was a major standoff both by the opposition parties as well as those supporting the Government that the present Government is the most weak and coward and spineless as they have failed to take up the matter strongly with the Chinese authority and have also failed to authorize the Indian Army to push back the intruders. Many Indian Parliamentarians feel that if there is to be a war with China, the Government should not hesitate and take immediate action. The earlier 3 Flag Meetings between the Indian and Chinese PLA had failed to come up with a solution to the border dispute.

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