Magnum Ice Cream comes in three flavors Almond, Classic, And Chocolate Truffle. And they added new flavor and that is Mint. I love Almond and Chocolate Truffle it is very delicious and makes me addicted to eat more. As far as I know this is the most expensive Ice Cream popsicle here in our country it is worth about 50 pesos. Unlike in the other Popsicle worth only about 10-25 pesos.

Why it is so expensive unlike in the other Popsicle ice cream? Magnum is coated with real chocolate and it tastes like Hershey chocolate and with almond. When you taste it you will know what is the difference between the magnum to normal Popsicle. Most of the Kids here prefer to buy Magnum but their parents don't want because it is so expensive. In 50 pesos you can already buy 3-5 Popsicle.

Goodnight to all of you.

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Image Source by crayon88