Where does the pinky promise originate? I began thinking about it when New Year promises are made. I’ve been giving thoughts on it and I found one answer in the internet. Sadly it wasn’t derived from what I imagined it to be.

In an article by G. Sundem (2011), pinky promise came from the Japanese promise-making called Yubikiri, the one used by Japanese mafia or the Yakuzas. This promise-making is kind of gory because if one happens to fail to fulfill his promise, the wronged party can cut off his pinky.

Now I’ve been wondering how did it suddenly become romantic and cheesy? No matter how bloody its past may be, I’m happy that I and my girlfriend is enjoying doing the pinky promise.

Photo is mine. Sundem, Garth. "10 Mundane Traditions with Strange Origins" 25 July 2011. HowStuffWorks.com. 01 January 2014.