Good morning, friends.

Another month has started. February for me is the month of harvesting in my garden. The too hot weather belongs to the past and February is the month mamy of us, chilean people, go even for small vacations.

As I said in my last post (last night, last month) I did not make cashout and thus I did not reach my greedy little money goal I had here.Anyway. I didn´t really mind it. It´s just this thing we all have for dates, numbers and goals.

I opened my mail and WOW, I was a lottery winner again.

The mail said: Winner: (Reference No: MGL/87649216/14. Batch No: SA/2014/MGL) Your Email Address Has Won US$1,800,000.00. In the 2014 MASTERS GOLF LOTTERY. For Claim Contact Mr. Simon Ager. E-MAIL:

Now, dear friends, wouldn´t it have been lovely? Just imagine earning (winning really) that amount of money?

I am here feeling sad because I fell short of 70 cents here to reach my goal and I have a $1,800,000 waiting for me!!! Not that I could do anything with that amount. I think I´d just freeze.

Since I have internet I have been lucky to get money through different means. Several times I have had money from inheritances waiting for me in Nigeria. Sometimes a London attorney will do everything I need. It is a pity that I don´t trust those kind souls and have never sent money to them to contact me so that I can get the millions.

Dear bubblers: I will now go and get my coffee. What have you thought of your own experiences with lottery winning?

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