I am sure many of you read the title and opened it because your wondering what I am talking about. A stagnant life is one that isn't going anywhere. Your stuck. Your not growing, learning, improving, moving or doing anything other than living the same day everyday. Each morning you get up, follow the exact same the routine every single day, and your lacking growth in any way. Although its not a bad thing to have a routine or a schedule it is a bad thing when you find yourself in a position in life where your no longer learning and growing. Life becomes stagnant, mundane, boring and so on. Life is about growth and learning from the moment that we are created till the moment we die and even after death there may be more growth to be had.

So I am telling you to run out and quit your job right? Wrong! What I am telling you is that if you have found yourself in a position in life where you feel like its not going anywhere and has become stagnant that you need to do something to fix it. Emerse yourself in your spirituality and grow and learn that way. Start a new hobby or learn more and perfect an old one. Maybe even talk to your employer about advancement opportunities so that you can learn and grow there as well. And don't forget about your relationships of all types (friends, relative, romantic, co-workers and so on) because there is always work and growth needed there.

However, should you find yourself in a job that is not only not allowing you to grow in it but also sending you backwards or making you feel like your going backwards and it seems to be preventing you from growth in other areas of your life...well, it might be time to start looking for other employment options. There is nothing more frustrating than to be stuck in a stagnant life, wanting to get it moving and growing and being stopped at turn because of your job. Maybe its asking for time off (well in advance, asking the week of doesn't count) and being denied, being called all the time on your time off for assistance, or asking for any change and never seeing it happen.

Living a stagnant life is not a happy life. It's mundane with no progress. You will find yourself unhappy, stressed and maybe even physically ill. Don't let yourself live a stagnant life.

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