After the garage sales today, we had to make a quick trip to the grocery store. We first planned to get to Shop Rite, but then decided to go to A & P. I walked in and immediately saw these little cans of coconut water there. They were five for one dollar. Not bad of a price considering that sometimes they are $2.49 for that size at the grocery store. The dollar stores carry the coconut juice, and the cans are bigger at that. But the sugar content in those are much higher.

The sugar content in these are only 3 g, which is wonderful if you 're diabetic. Carbohydrates are only 8 g. That's not half bad either. In fact it's excellant. Now for the taste. It's not too bad, I don't find any problems with it. Normally I only drink coconut water if my stomach is queasy or something to that effect. But I had to taste this right away. I only had a few sips, then I put the rest in the fridge for another time. It's very light, I would buy it again if the price stays the same and I can find it again too. It is 8 ounces in one can. Calories are only 30.

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