Not having a working car yet makes things difficult at times. Neela needed to go to the vet. Her tummy has been upset for three days and made for three almost sleepless nights for both of us. I changed her to a milder diet with rice, bits of shredded chicken and a spoonful of pumpkin with each small meal, not too much food at a time, but it hasn’t helped yet.

Both my daughter and I were very concerned about her. Today was a day of excursion, exercise and new people for Neela and my 17-year-old daughter. Other than the digestion issues, she is fine, full of her normal vim and vigor, happy, snuggly and ravenously hungry as usual, but something was wrong.

My daughter walked with her all the way down to the main street of our town where our old vet has a new office. Prior to this she had only seen a traveling clinic vet at a local pet store for her shots, treatments and legal paper work for licensing. With coupons that was free.

I am not currently able to walk far and the two of them going together was the best and only option. They got all the way there and were told because my daughter is a minor, they wouldn’t treat Neela, even though they had been our dog Kira’s vet for years and Kira died in my arms at their office from a terminal illness. It is their policy so that had to be respected.

They called the other vet’s office in our little city, explained it, and they said that vet had no policy about age of the owner bringing the animal in. So off my daughter and Neela went on another leg of their excursion.

Apparently our big clumsy puppy was quite the hit at the vet’s office and along the way to get there and home again. Our big mean baby, and yes I am being facetious, was loving everyone there and along the way. Like my daughter, Neela is quite the little social being. In fact her whole body wiggles and waves in happy excitement when she sees other animals and other people.

A woman in front of the grocery store near the vet office decided she was adorable. Neela gladly made friends. Turns out the lady has pit and pit mix dogs. We are expanding our resources in odd ways.

Did I mention my daughter is quite the communicator? She is the human version of Neela, miss friendly. We found a dog shelter that way too a few weeks back, when the two of them were out for a walk and a lady who rescues and temporarily houses pits and pit mixes stopped to talk to my daughter. She carries a big box of extra leashes around to rescue dogs and gave my daughter her business card for the rescue, some training information, and a free leash so we had an extra, which it turns out was just in time as she was chewing up the first one.

Diagnosis today: A healthy, loved, happy, friendly, energetic puppy with a tummy bug. As a bonus we found out why she has about six almost bald spots that she keeps scratching where the fur won’t grow back. I had never heard of this before. Eye mites cause it. It is a microscopic mite that lives in a dog’s eyelashes. Good grief. They got on her skin and we could see nothing,( and believe me I have been examining the spots with a bright light and a magnifying glass), but they made her scratch her fur off in round patches with those big paws of hers.

They gave us a BIG break on the fees today too. Was that ever a blessing!

Treatment for everything: A med for the mites and one for the tummy. A switch of temporary diet from rice to potatoes mashed with water,( no milk or butter added), and the shredded boiled chicken breast, and a much needed nap after walking 8 miles today. She flopped down on the throw rug the second she came in the door, one leg sticking out behind her, an odd endearing quirk she has when sleeping.

My daughter, on the other hand, is off to work at one of her BFF’s grandparent’s farm all afternoon and evening for income. They used to raise dogs too, so they have some used harnesses to give to Neela if they fit. Still in her oral puppy phase, she shredded her last one. I bet neither of them move an inch tonight after they crash for bed.

Post script: Oh, and an added bonus that made my daughter’s coolness list today was that she got to be in on the diagnosis and treatment. They let her use the microscope to see the mites. She was totally thrilled. I guess they have lots of wiggly legs. Ugh. But it made her day.

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