Along with all the fun and stress of having a puppy around, comes the worry when something is wrong with her.

Neela’s first accident was falling off my tall bed when she was a much smaller puppy. I have a cement floor. She tumbled backward when she was trying to avoid getting picked up, and over she went right off the edge. She landed hard on a back leg. She started crying immediately. I checked her leg and her whole body carefully a few times. I felt nothing broken. She didn’t pull away when I touched her leg either, but she wouldn’t put her weight on the injured leg.

A vet visit was not an option. She walked and ran for a few days on three legs, only barely touching the leg down for balance. I checked it multiple times a day. I was so worried that I even watched her when she napped. Finally it started feeling better. It was either bruised or strained. She is fine now, although I didn’t let her jump or rough house for a couple weeks to make sure she was really healed and didn’t re-injure it.

Her latest worry mommy problem has been patches of fur rubbed off. There was no rash, a little redness on one, and no yeasty white skin growth like my last dog got. In some spots she looks like a patchwork puppy, loved to threadbare, or caught in a fight like the gingham dog and the calico cat.

I didn’t think it was from scratching because the spots are mostly in hard to reach places. There are no bites, no fleas, nothing. So I watched her carefully. It turns out the little stinker is extremely limber and can scratch really hard to reach places. Her nails are sharp.

We gpt her special oatmeal shampoo for dogs, the same kind we had used on Kira. My daughter found out from someone who has raised many pit bulls, that they are more prone to skin allergies, hence the scratching. So far the shampoo is helping, but it will take a while for the fur to grow back in those patches.

In the meantime we have peace of mind again, and my patchwork puppy is getting lots of hugs and kisses.

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