Mommy has real problems sleeping much of the time. Apparently Neela has now decided that if I am awake, she has to be awake too. That would be fine, but awake to a puppy means, “It’s PLAY TIME, Mommy!

Picture if you will, a Mommy on her side on the bed, ear buds in, quietly watching old episodes of CSI: New York on Netflix, on the laptop.

A touching scene about Sid turning out to be the mysterious person who doled out 1 million dollars each to 10 people who had lost loved ones, that he had to autopsy in his examining room. Those 10, just regular people then went on to lose even more in their lives after that. Sid found out he has terminal cancer, so he wanted to make a difference to these 10 lives, but he did it anonymously by leaving a legal sized brown envelope with a check for one million dollars for each of the 10 people somewhere he knew they would find it. For example on the windshield of a meter maid’s car, who then fainted on the spot when she opened the envelope. Priceless.

I was here sobbing out loud at the both sad and uplifting episode.Then this happened.

Neela: “Ohhh, Mommy what’s wrong? You need kisses.”

Neela proceeds to climb on Mommy in concern to sniff her tears and lick her in concern. She is not little anymore. She’s HEAVY.

Mommy: “Aw, thank you for the gentle kisses, baby. It is okay. But I can’t breathe now with you on my chest and neck. OFF!”

Mommy lifts Neela off her chest and neck.

Neela stretches out for all of five seconds, that is until the light bulb of realization hits her. She leaps up and charges over to Mommy's face again.

Neela: “You are AWAKE, Mommy! You were just pretending to be asleep with that black thing in your ear. Let’s PLAY!”

Hyper puppy switches into overdrive, leaping on and off the bed, plowing into Mommy. wrestling with her chew toy.

Mommy: “Neela, LAY, NOW!” I say with the hand signal for lay thrown in for emphasis, and a stern look at her.

Neela pauses for maybe 5 seconds.

Neela: “Naaa, you are kidding, Mommy!” Her tail is wagging in a happy frenzy.

Leaping Neela bounces up and down on the mattress back and forth from one end to another, sort of like Tigger with a spring in his tail. Mommy seems to be on a trampoline bed. That is a vibrating bed on uppers.

Mommy: “It is 2:31 in the morning.”

Neela: “I know. You're awake! Let’s play!”

Mommy sighs in resignation as hyper puppy goes nutzoid.

30 minutes later Neela is crashed on the bed, sound asleep, looking like she had never moved an inch.

Mommy is wide awake wondering what hit her.

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