Let’s face it, puppies are messy bundles of love. Like any baby or toddler, they explore the world in which they live. They explore it with their mouths and their hands or paws, not just their eyes. They are hands on and oral creatures who need constant supervision.

They get into everything, that is unless they get stopped or they learn the word NO. If they are being too quiet and behaved, you know they are up to something they shouldn’t be. it's a sure sign of the classic, up to no good. ( I think Neela has The Marauder's Map hidden somewhere with her toys.) They learn, but they will challenge the limits every step along the way.

I don’t have a big place, but it seems like I am constantly cleaning up after my four legged baby. Get the room all swept. Turn around for a short time and It is as if time reversed itself and I am back to a few minutes before, sweeping up the mess yet again, in an endless loop. It is kind of like being stuck as Bill Murray’s character in the movie, “Groundhog Day”, forced to relive it over and over until someone actually learns something.

In the meantime, time to pick up shredded paper. (which she pulled out of my basket of filed papers on the book shelf) She hid in the corner behind the chair ripping it to tiny bits. Apparently I left a tempting corner of it sticking out of the basket. Bad mommy.

“Well, gee, Mommy,” said with a half guilty look, “It WAS sticking out. I simply HAD to see what it was and whether or not I could eat it or play with it. Oh, it was important? Sorry about that.”

“Oh LOOK, a loose tissue on the coffee table. I MUST investigate.”

I think we should have named her Eloise and gone to live in The Plaza Hotel.

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