Neela is a very oral puppy, as most puppies are. Like human babies and toddlers, one of the ways puppies explore their world is by chewing. They do it to see if it is edible, because it appeals to them somehow and because it feels good to gnaw on something. She excels at it, a skill I would rather she wasn’t so good at. Unfortunately they are not discriminate in what they choose to chew and gnaw on. I have had to put books on higher shelves, baskets of papers and documents, shoes and socks, and anything with dangly parts like my little ottoman that has tassels hanging all around the edge. Anything with stuffing seems to appeal to her too, you know things like those nice throw pillows I so carefully made for my two chairs.

I think it must be about time for her baby teeth to start falling out and her adult teeth to grow in. She seems to be gnawing excessively on everything that isn’t nailed down, even more than before.

She outdid herself the other day. I was in the bathroom and heard an odd gnawing on something hard sound. I came out to investigate and there she was against the wall by the bed chewing the wall. The WALL. How the heck so you gnaw on a wall? Now add that patch to my repair list. Grrrr. Yes she got scolded and I gave her something else she was allowed to chew on.

I keep chew toys around for her and she gets treats to chew, but she still tries to go for other things once in a while. I WILL be glad when she is past this obsessive chewing things stage. My things to fix pile is getting bigger.

A muzzle momentarily crossed my mind, but I hate those. Besides she would probably just chew it off like she did her harness while she was wearing it one day last week. She had to contort her whole body into a pretzel shape to do that.

She didn’t fall for the lemon that I gave her though. She took one sniff and looked at me as if she was saying, “Suuuure, Mommy… You are so not funny.” She turned around and walked away from it.

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