After hearing so many horror stories about pit bulls, I was not overly thrilled when my daughter surprised me with a new tiny 4-week-old pit bull puppy, almost three months ago. Actually, after losing my last dog, who was like another child to me, and vowing I would never get another dog to lose and mourn over, I felt cornered into this decision. We are taking it a day at a time.

Life with Neela is challenging at this point, and I realize her super high energy/high maintenance is both a mix of being a puppy and the behavior traits of the breed. I do believe though that the viciousness stereotype the pit bull breed has been saddled with comes more from training them to be vicious than an inborn trait. She is extremely affectionate and follows me around like a shadow. She is very loyal. She gets hyper and a challenge to train, but she is not vicious. She also has separation anxiety and freaks out if I am out of her sight. Hopefully she outgrows that like my last dog baby did.

We shall see what her temperament is like as she grows, but so far a pit bull doesn’t seem vicious to me.

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