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The Chinese classic, Yi Jing, tells us that life is a cycle of good and bad luck.

Yi Jing likens our life cycle to that of the cycle of day and night.

When it is mid-day, and you start to curse the hot weather, you know that the sun will set soon, and the night will come.

Life is similar. We have a life cycle of good and bad luck.

Just when you think that everything is great, and you feel very happy, bad things start to happen.

Sometimes the shift from good to bad takes you by surprise.

However, in many cases, it is one event after another.

When your bad luck turns to good, you may find a great job, follow by a great girlfriend, and you manage to get your dream house cheap.

Later on, when your good luck turns, it can take the form of a flu that turns into something serious, the breakdown of your computer and TV, and you may lose your job.

This is life. That is why never get proud when everything seems so rosy and you are at the top of the world.

You should not become too depressed when everything seems to go wrong.

No one suffers bad luck forever, and good luck will end too.

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