I remembered the topic shared on last sunday's sharing about the levels of friendship and it is a realization that we have make on how our friendships progress from just merely an acquaintance to being intimate friends.

In our daily lives, of course we constantly meet people everywhere, in the office, malls, church or just on the road. That is just the first level of friendship where all should start, the acquaintance level. First meeting is just a start. It may or may not prosper. This depends on the impressions during the first meet-up.People does have unique personalities and we cannot say that whenever we liked someone on the basis of their personality, they would like us in return. We have different perception on people so we should not expect much on this level.

The next level is the casual friends where we talk and share some common interests,. Casual friend does not contact each each other often, just by chances that they've got to talk and shares common interests. On this level of friendship, there is a higher chance of getting to know more of each other. Sharing a common interest does plays a lot of role.

Third, being close friends which they share a more sensitive personal issues and problems. They contact each other often. They are now more sensitive on each other's feelings. They know exactly what the other is thinking and it seems like they know enough about each other, even the secrets that they haven't told their parents. They have this bond of trust and they know that they could depend on the person.

The last and most important level was intimate friends. Most commonly is your partner in life where you share everything, talk about anything under the sun. Share common goals, share common thoughts and share a common life. Everything is mutual.

We need to build friendships to everyone especially to God who provides, loves, cares for us.

QUESTION: He is also our friend. What level is our friendship with him? (Acquaintance, Casual Friend, Close Friend or Intimate Friend). This is a question that strikes me the most, our relationship with God. How well do we know Him.

It's time to rethink and act, rebuild our relationship with Him. If He is just an acquaintance, make him your casual friend, then, close friend and ultimately your intimate friend. It's never too late, we still have our entire life to do everything to closer to Him. He is just waiting for us to befriend Him and be intimate with Him. Act now!