It's spring, and our body is exhausted, vitamins and minerals, because winter long and nutrition, lack of vitamins. It is time to rejoice, in full, benefits, spring and consume more and more of vegetables offered in the spring. One of them is Leurada. This plant is a herbaceous perennial which grows early spring in forest hill or mountain and is related to garlic. It is easy to recognize because the whole plant, is the garlic odor. It uses both the leaves and bulb, which is like a chive. It can be confused with wild garlic because different forces than the shape of leaves. Green leaves, and fresh, wild garlic, you can eat in salads, as such, or with beets, spinach, cucumbers, beans, or other preparations that are suitable with garlic. It is used also as a spice, so that leaves are used fresh, chopped, sprinkled on sandwiches, on bread and butter, or chopped and uncooked blends the soups, and other dishes. Consumption of wild garlic is beneficial to the body having a role depurative and diuretic, cleanses the blood, liver, stomach and intestines, kidneys and bladder thus making it easier to urinate.