Most people have seen those Swifter commercials that feature Lee an Morty Kaufman. They are so memorable and the couple is just adorable. Did you know this couple is married in real life? I didn't until I read an article on Yahoo.

This adorable couple have been married for 44 years. He's 91 and she's 90. They met when they both were in their 40's when they were both widowed. Lee taught a summer reading course to Morty's son Scott. Less than a year later they married and combined their two families.

Apparently they are, in real life, just like they are in the commercials. They have an easy relationship that is filled with family and friends. Many think they have the perfect marriage.

Their daughter Myra is the one who offered them up to a casting coach for the commercial. How grateful we all are that she and Swifter had the foresight to sign this personable couple to the commercials. I hope we continue to see them for a long time.

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