Beeb Beep Leave a message after the tone "Hey, In the moment I can't pick up the phone because I will be making some changes in my life . If anything leave your number & name and a via message. Cause inreality I will not be the same, im making some changes. If I dont answer your call its because you're one of those changes". ." beep Hey Nah, I've been calling you these past few weeks but you dont pick up. It's Nely , I apologize for calling private. I have a few calling trying to stay in touch but you don't even respond. How you've been ? Do you still ride the train to work ? Still working for that dream car ? Is it because you've found someone new? The things i've done for you too look at me with that twinkle in your eye. The nights get longer, the supense gets higher and higher. I have a world & you're the only one missing. Scolding the floor, its disgusting. My neighbor tells me, to stop trying that you're out my league. I mean where was it that we went wrong ? What did I do ?See, killing time , by leaving messages on your phone. On a daily basis I have you on my mind. I don't know what's going on my love. I just think of you ... Pienso en ti