I am fairely new to Bubblews and rather slow at getting going here! I learned about Bubblews through some friends who belong to another social site called SideTick. As I am beginning to get the feel for the site, it does boggle me trying to keep up with posts & connecting with others! I have found the hardest is Keeping up with the Connects and finding then in an easier fassion. Right now, I am scrolling through the "Notifications" and going to posts on my page. But, it is a lot of clicking back & forth to catch them all! Shame there is not one definitive place to find them rather than having to surf through the Notifications, etc. If there is such a place, I hope someone clues me in to where it is! I have figured out how to earn & I would like to help all my connections here by reading, liking & leaving a comment on everyone's posts. But, I am finding that to be a bit, well, very time consuming as I am getting so many posts. And I do not have that many Connects as yet! So, I apologize to those I have not helped make any $$$ as yet and I hope I get better at this as time goes by! I always Wish Everyone Well & Keep Smiling! :-)