Well if nothing else I got my goal of ten posts today. I didn't really get much done for my #etsy items and I wasted a load of time sleeping and playing my game but whatever...at least i got #bubblews done. Tomorrow will be harder to get my bubbles in though. I have both a dentist appointment and a doctors check up so I'm going to be driving all over the place. After those appointments I have to head back to Indiana since I have to work on Wednesday. I wish my car had WiFi or something since it looks like I'm going to be in it the whole day.

Well even if I can't get any posts in I'll try to do some socializing around here...or maybe I'll just play my game. Man I really shouldn't have started #Mabinogi up again but I felt like I was about to go crazy from boredom. Even a stick in the mud like me needs to do something for fun sometimes.

By the way anyone know what hardened prestoopnicks are because my #captcha just made me spell that?

All pictures are mine.