Everytime I write an article on Bubblews, I usually spend too much time on my laptop. And plus the facebooking moments and chatting that adds up in my time. I spend a lot of time on the internet. A day, I think I spend 5-6 hours just surfing and writing articles. But I actually realized that my eyes are getting blurry every time I work on those stuffs. And after resting, my eyes get back to normal. And so I researched if spending too much time on that affects my eyesight.

Yes, it definitely has effects. It can damage our eyes since the keyboard and the laptop's screen is too close to each other while typing our eyes is also positioned closer to the screen. That's why doctors recommend that we have to rest our eyes every 45 mins to take care of our eyes and also we have to keep our eyes moistened thru blinking frequently while we're on our laptops. Also do not work with your laptop inside a dark room in a long time, our eyes will totally be damaged.