A British woman, Gemma Cleghorn, claims she was told six times by doctors that her swollen stomach and missed periods were due to injuries from a car crash. Cleghorn, 25, was rushed to the hospital in May because she thought she was bleeding internally and was shocked to learn that she was actually in labor.

The new mom told the Daily Mail that she was totally unaware that she was pregnant. Five months earlier, Cleghorn's car was totaled by another driver going 70 miles an hour. When she complained to her doctor about a bad back and other aches and pains, all of her ailments were attributed to the car accident. "Even when my periods stopped they said it had been caused by the stress and trauma of the crash," she told the Mail.

So, when Cleghorn was rushed to the hospital in May, she says she assumed it was further aftermath from the accident. Doctors performed a scan and discovered that she was pregnant. “When they told me I was in labour, I went into shock," Cleghorn told The Express. Her surprise was due not only to the constant misdiagnosis of her condition, but also because she was on the pill. "My partner Dave just went white. We couldn’t believe it was happening.”

uh... enough said. Lol. I thought we could count on doctors? Now it makes me wonder about all the ailments I have, are the doctors right or wrong!?