While walking down the aisle in Walmart this morning I spotted this bread mix. We are always up for trying a new bread. I had my husband check out what we needed and beside the mix it just requires 12 ounces of beer and some butter. Beer and butter - that about says it all!

It's really rather easy, just follow the instructions on the box. I used a muffin tin, but we could have used a load pan. The muffin size are better for us because I can freeze half of them. If I made it in the loaf pan I think we could sit and eat the whole thing.

After leaving them cool in the pan 5 minutes I had to get one for us. I cut it in half and put putter on both halves. It was very good and although we wanted more we are saving them for dinner.

It will take just a few minutes to mix the batter with the beer and the muffins had to bake 24-26 minutes, but I took these out at 22 minutes.

If you see this bread mix in the store pick up a box and give it a try!

PS: You can substitute any carbonated beverage for the beer.

Photos: Abby355

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