So Bzzagent Gave me A Free product coupon for their Kroger skillet meals as well as free salad, free bread and then coupons for $$ off to share with Friends. So some of them sounded really gross but we ended up getting Chicken stir Fry.

So we get it home and I follow the directions which I have to say kinda worry me! IT says to keep frozen, defrost sauce packet and use within 30 minutes. do not refreeze. but that leftovers can go into the fridge. Why do we need to use it within 30 minutes?? does it go back? They have you heat the veggies on 5 min, add the defrosted sauce mix then microwave again. so it cant be so it does not get warm. i was confused.

Anyways so i made this up and put it over rice. it was actually really good even though it smells horrible!

Kids were not huge fans but they did eat some as well as me and hubs. Id give it 3 out of 5 just because the sauce was kind of sweet and it was paired with somewhat sweet veggies (Sweet carrots, sugar peas, sweet onions) so it was a bit much but it was ok.

So anyways We did that and then i got all the kids in bed and 20 min later One was awake throwing up! And as soon as i went in there i was about to gag! She smelled rotten! It was horrible! Got her into the shower and the other 2 woke up doing the same!

The food I do not think was bad as me and hubs ate more then the 3 of them all together and it tasted fine but it was not a great smelling dinner. i think it was just the sauce. i hate the smell of bbq sauce and this was like a bbq mixed with soy sauce so i think its just that i didnt like the smell and thats what the throw up smelled like. the sauce mixed with insides LOL

Anyways so it was actually an ok dish but I would not pay $4.29 for it. it was only enough for 2 adults and 1 child really but we stretched it with the rice. so not very much for the price