Queen of Office is adapted from Japanese's office drama "The Pride of the Temp". As I never watch The Pride of the Temp, I find QoO / GoW refreshingly unique and funny; the romance is not over the top like many other Korean dramas and most importantly, it touches the unfair treatments that the temporary workers face in the office.

The main heroine, Miss Kim, is a very mysterious woman. She's a highly skilled temporary worker with more than 120 certificates (everytime the company faces any difficulties, she'll come to their rescue - forklift driver, tambourine dancer, crab master, palm reader, midwife, bartender, meat cutter, Russian language, you name it). She has cold aura and personality; she believes to survive in this kind of working environment, she can only works for herself, only for her sake; she doesn't care about her team mates. If she's forced to help any of her team mates, she'll charge them as an overtime work (attending company's party is also one of her overtime work ha). Everyone (including the other temporary worker, Jung Ju Ri) is trying hard to approach her and to be-friend her; but she always gives them cold treatment. Miss Kim is one of a kind!

Jung Ju Ri always receives the blames, because she's just a temporary worker. Although she works her hardest, but no-one (except her team manager, Moo Jung Han) takes her side. I really like Ju Ri, probably because I was in similar situation 7 years ago. I was a temporary worker who's supposed to replace a typist who was fired because she's too lazy. At that time, my contract was only for 6 weeks; so nobody wanted to teach me anything except very basic stuffs and they gave all boring stuffs they didn't want to do, to me. I knew back then that I had to survive, so I did. Because I did all the tasks cheerfully (my work colleagues teased me that I was the only one who liked to do that kind of boring stuffs hahaha), I became a multi-tasking worker. The company extended my contract several times until I secured my permanent position.

So I hope Jung Ju Ri will keep the faith and survive in her harsh working situation, because there's light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Ju Ri and Miss Kim work in the sales & marketing support division; Moo Jung Han is their team leader. He's a very kind and caring leader; unlike the team leader of sales & marketing team, Jang Kyu Jik. Miss Kim met with Kyu Jik on the plane when they're on their way back to Korea; and she loves to call him "Cabbage Patch Head" because of his curly hair. :D I love Miss Kim & Kyu Jik's interactions; their personalities are 180deg different, they argue, they make up, they argue again until Kyu Jik falls in love with her and he doesn't understand why he falls for this kind of woman. Jung Han is also attracted to her and so the love triangle begins.

I think Queen of Office is flying under the radar because it's hard to find the recap of this drama and the subtitle. I watch it with English subtitle on KBSW every Monday & Tuesday. If you love office romantic comedy drama, you'll definitely love Queen of Office. I will try to write another review and (hopefully) recap soon.

Image Credit: Queen of Office OST part 1 - Melon Music Site