Getting that perfectly and naturally red lips is one of every girl's dream facial feature. Some of them opt to purchase the expensive bright red lipstick brand just to come up with a sexy reddish lips. What this blog entry would share you are 3 cheap and easy to do beauty regimen which you could do to achieve the perfect lip color which you want.

Tip number 1 - Eat plenty of glow foods - health experts say that eating healthy food such as fruits and vegetables make your skin and lips look bright and reddish. While some health experts say that frequent consumption of reddish fruits such as strawberry adds tint to someone's lips.

Tip number 2 - Scrub your lips with Honey and Sugar - Having chappy lips are caused by the humidity and extreme changes of temperature that is why it is a must to scrub your lips once in while. When you go to the cosmetic shop, you could look for the perfect lip scrub brand that suits you. On the contrary, if you have allergic reactions to some cosmetics, home made lip scrub could also be prepared. All you have to is to combine a portion of sugar to a portion of honey. The amount actually depends upon the dryness of your lips. If you wonder about the function of sugar and honey towards having red lips, the honey serves as a moisturizer while the salt itself acts as a scrub to take off dead skin cell from the lips.

Tip number 3 - Moisturize your lips with coconut oil or olive oil - These two oil are the most commonly used kitchen ingredient which is as moisturizer. Just like the previously written situation, not everyone can afford to purchase lip balm which is used to maintain a well moisturized lips that is why, coconut oil and olive oil can help lock in the moisture of your lips in order to make it look shinny after having a well balanced diet filled with read fruits and using either commercialized or home made moisturizer.

As a final word, if these three suggestions are religiously done, then there wouldn't be any doubts that your lips will be as red and glossy as the one with lipstick on. So what are you waiting for??? You start ransacking your kitchen and start looking for some ingredients that could make your lips look naturally red.