When I left a grocery store today I was reminded of the old Knight Rider TV series. I go to this grocery store only on Saturdays and leave the parking lot there in the easiest way to go the direction I want to go on the main street, I go through a gap in a fence to a part of the parking lot that usually isn't used on Saturdays to get to an exit from the lot onto a side street that intersects the main street at a traffic light so that I can make a left turn on the main street. So today parked next to the gap in the fence was a large semi-truck with a very large black cab. Across the front of the cab at the top was the name Knight. Of course the Knight company was who funded and built Kitt, the Knight rider intelligent car. Also, there was a large semi-truck that served as a mobile garage for Kitt and the car would drive up a ramp into the back of the truck while both were moving. I could almost picture Kitt sitting inside that truck.