I have had such bad knee pain that it brought me to my knees. The question was whether to get knee gel or put up with this hell. Surgery on two knees at once was intimidating option three.

My instincts were mixed when I went to the orthopedic surgeon. First of all, he was a goofball and had the attention span of a gnat. It didn't help that he also looked like a filled out Pee Wee Herman.

Those were his redeeming features...I had looked him up beforehand online and found out he had been fined and disciplined last year for "wrong site surgery" which meant he had operated on the wrong part of someone's body. That person's elbow looked like a knee to this guy? Really? Just kidding. But the charge was a serious red flag.

My pain overrode my judgment. Of course, I didn't have to wait for an appointment.

Everyday I feel like crying when I walk. When going up stairs, I have to take one step at a time while clutching the handrail for dear life.

The X Rays showed both knees without any cushion and the bones scraping together bone on bone. The doctor said, "I don't know how you've lived like that. You've done very well. You must have a high tolerance for pain."

There is a treatment where gel is injected into your knee. This knee gel is made from the combs of chickens. (Can't you picture a flock of chickens running around with fresh haircuts?) The material in chicken combs has a substance in it that is naturally found in the human body.

This gel Synvisc-One lubricates the knee joints. The injection's effect lasts 26 weeks.

I bit the bullet and got the shots directly in both knees.

What a miracle! I want to cockle-doodle-do! I'm practically pain free after 24 hours. It takes four weeks to take full effect. Synvisc-One is sensational.

Doctor Pee Wee can give me these shots, but I draw the line at having surgery done by him. Dr. Oz can do that...

Image by hyper7pro on Flickr, used under the Creative Commons license.

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