The country is in a celebratory mood. The air is full of good cheer. In three days we will be having our jubilee celebrations. It’s been 50 years since we attained self-governance. Add that to the Christmas mood that has engulfed the streets and you are likely to get carnival.

Apart from 12th December which has always been a public holiday, 13th too will be this year. While there are a lot of things to appreciate in how far we have come, there still remains a lot to be desired. The young are educated but jobless, corruption is all over and the political class is only interested in what is good for them. For a majority, these celebrations will come and go. They will have little if any impact. The only thing they will enjoy is not having to persevere the morning hustle to work. They will most probably wake up late and watch the T.V as the elite class takes part in the celebrations. It is sad that a minority will be toasting to the 50years while majority will watch as they do so.

Ironically, after watching the events of the day, those who are yet to purchase the set top boxes for digitalization of their television sets will have them shut down. To my fellow country mates: @kenson @Goodwriter &klifkip @bubblemind @bonitapric @heinrigmsk @patkay @STEVE @Musyoki @Temeke @lunjendu and the rest, what will you be celebrating?