I was pleased with the winner of the 8th season of America's Got Talent tonight. I must admit that I had not given his performance the attention he deserved until the performance for the finals last night. This guy is a genius in developing and acting out his dances. Last night he had a dance where he was at least eight performers at the same time through his video skills. Here is another of his performances if you want to see just how talented he is:


Up until the week of the finals I was favoring Forte, and was actually surprised that they came in fourth in the voting. I believe they got too commerical with their quest for the title, and the "over the top performance" last night with a full orchestra.

I also thought that Jimmy Rose, the country singer who wrote his own songs was good, and I'm not a country fan. Cami Bradley, another singer, was also a strong contender, in my estimation.

I wasn't impressed with the comedian, and was shocked that he came in second. I do think we will be seeing the young magician's name in the future because for seventeen he has a lot going for him.

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Picture: AGT Facebook picture