In the pilot episode of the new Robin Williams comedy series coming set to premiere on CBS on September 26, American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson will be a guest star in the episode. Now Kelly Clarkson is not an actress typically so I find it suiting that in the episode Kelly will play herself; she's not just playing a random character. So the reasoning of why Kelly is in the episode is because Williams' character is trying to hire her to sing a song for what is essentially a jingle, which Kelly Clarkson is resistant to do in the pilot. Naturally this is also a marketing strategy by the show to try to entice viewers with a Grammy Award winning singer, but from the trailer for the series [which is below if you want to check out] seems quite interesting and might hopefully finally start Robin Williams career back up after falling off the radar of quality work for many years; if this show can excel it may just possibly redeem his 2006 family movie, RV. Here's hoping to that! I am hoping to forget entirely about that disaster as I am quite sure he and most everyone else is too.

Watch 5 minute sneak peak here: