If patience is a virtue, then integrity should be a treasure.

It has to be, right? Because I mean, not everyone has it, they either haven’t found it within themselves, they did and tossed it or they haven’t even cared to look.

It’s no secret that a title “I Just Got Paid!” will bring in the looky loos. So, will a complaint about Bubblews and praise for Bubblews and even a question to Bubblews. I asked one, I got some views and comments.

But, is that what I want to do here?

By the way, I guess I should say, "hi, there. Thanks for stopping by this post that says 'Bubblews' in the title."

Do I want to throw in a Bubblews post once a day to assure myself of some views? There are many valid reasons as to why I would need to address something with Bubblews. Outside of my question, I haven’t experienced them, but I’ve read the posts that have.

I suppose if I’m being honest, VIEWS are a valid reason to mention Bubblews on a near daily basis. But, eventually the jig has to be up, right? At some point, the carpet will be pulled, the smoke will be extinguished and the mirrors cracked badly, right?

Even if I didn’t mention Bubblews, I could easily write a post ripping apart Beyonce, Jay Z, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey and oh my gosh, Clay Aiken! I could write that Bubble, post it up on one of their boards and I’d have 1,000 people coming to view that Bubble and dislike me, my mama and a dog that I don’t even own.

I don’t know if dislikes are credited, but the views alone would get me right where I need to be in regards to redemption.

But, is that what I want to do here?

Looking around the site for the past few days has been incredibly interesting. So many paths to take, but I am a long term type of thinker. Maybe I am thinking for too long.

Oh, I have this topic that I want to write about and that topic that I think would be of interest, but maybe I should wait until this day or that day over there, what if as soon as I post, something else happens to the site and it’s pretty much lost in the shuffle again? Ugh! I just read a post that is on a topic that I wrote about the other day, I don’t want to look like I’m copying, I should hold off…

As enjoyable as the site is, the point is to make money.

That is definitely what I want to do here, but for now, I will continue to look around and at myself. For now, I will treasure the way I’m going about it.

My name is on these posts and my name is something, that like my integrity, I believe should be treasured.

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