ngubek2 problem wise words ? okay I'll give you a little word to the wise that hopefully can be useful to you all

good lah following wise words from a wise word Om Original Mario loh : D

curious ?

just seen the following wise words

Life is not easy . And so much more difficult if we just complain and blame others .

Mario Teguh

If you want to feel peaceful and happy , shall apply loving to yourself and others.

Mario Teguh

In the early moments of romance , a pair of male and female finding the beauty with Staring ONE ANOTHER .

After a while , they began to see source of disappointment to yourself each other .

And start a reality I never imagined that rose and heart menggalaukan each.

In fact , they will dibahagiakan if they love each other and together LOOKING TO THE FUTURE .

Mario - Loving you all as always

Patient is still feeling angry but do not use that anger to humble themselves , and damage relationships with others .

Mario Teguh

Photo : Cindy Cat also be patient in disaster , when cool to watch MTGW - Patience In Disaster , last night , Ayu tweeted by @ AiiuuAyu Aristya on Twitter @ MTLovenHoney .

Thank you Ma'am Ayu Aristya good heart .

Mario - Loving you all as always

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Thus the wise words article may be useful yah min