Have you ever heard of Karen Hudes? She used to work for the World Bank´s legal department. She was there for twenty years. Karen is a graduate of Yale Law School. And she is a whistleblower.

I watched one of Karen's video on YouTube where she was being interviewed, with a lot of interest. She was talking about how the banks controlled the world, started and stopped wars and were snatching up all the gold on the planet. As a fan of conspiracy theories from way back, none of this was really news to me. But hearing someone with these credentials say it...well it was fascinating to say the least.

And then...and then... she gets near the end of the interview. And she says that the ones responsible for all this are NOT humans. Okay I know David Icke...reptilians right? Aliens? Nope.

Mrs. Hudes posits, no...she says she "knows" that the people behind this are not humans...but another species that have been on the planet since BEFORE humans. Yes...this other species is called Homo Capensis, a race of big-headed creatures that rule the world in secret. No...really...she says they have huge heads.

The bankers are serving them and betraying the Earth! She says they are in the Vatican...and that’s why they wear the big miters there...to cover their huge heads! (I am NOT making this up!) And Moses was one! She says he wore the big hat too. How she knows...???? She says (and I am not making this up either) that she found out from the internet. Yep. She found out from the internet.

You can look up her videos on YouTube. Take a look and decide for yourself.