Kapurung is one of traditional foods in South Sulawesi, especially the area Luwu (City Palopo, Luwu, North Luwu, Luwu) Food is made from cider or corn starch. In an area known as the Moluccas Papeda. Kapurung cooked with a mixture of fish or chicken and various vegetables. Although traditional food, Kapurung became popular. Besides the stalls found in Makassar also has entered into several restaurants, alongside local food modern.Di Luwu own name Kapurung 'is often also called Pugalu.

Recipe Ingredients Kapurung (Makassar): - 125 grams sago flour - 100 grams of shrimp wet - 1 bunch of fern leaves - 1 bunch Watercress - 1 bunch basil leaves - sufficient water

Recipe Seasoning ingredients Kapurung (Makassar): - 5 pcs Red Chilli - 1 tsp shrimp paste - 1 pcs Lemons - 1 tsp salt

How to Make a Recipe Kapurung (Makassar): + Combine sago and water, and cook, stirring, stirring. If it is thick enough, remove from the heat and let cool. Shape into balls + Clean the nails leaves, spinach and shrimp, cut into pieces and boiled until cooked + Boil 1 liter of water. Blend the chillies, shrimp paste, salt, and shrimp, add to boiling water. Similarly Put sago balls + Combine leaf decoction spikes, leaf spinach, and basil, give a squeeze of lime juice, remove from heat

Good luck Kapurung Recipes (Makassar)

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