Justice COULD be blind, but it would require a major overhaul to the system and the way we think about the court system in general. Answer a couple of questions.....WHY do we even KNOW the race of EITHER of the individuals in the Zimmerman/Martin case? WHY do we even know their names? It isn't necessary for a FAIR trial to have this information at all. I can't think of a single reason that the judge, jury or public has any need for that information in order to make a fair impartial judgement as to guilt or innocence. Is there any reason a judge or jury or even a lawyer needs to SEE the plaintiff OR the defendant? Then the jury can't be swayed by the appearance or visual emotion of either side. They would have to base their decision on the FACTS, which is how it is supposed to be done ANYWAY. This case ended up having extreme racial overtones because people GAVE it those issues when it wasn't necessary. In my opinion, this case should have simply been 'Defendant shot Plaintiff and these are the circumstances of how that came about.' and the case should have been decided on the merit of the facts alone, and we would'nt be having the idiotic protests and riots that we are currently experiencing.