I had a juicer a long time ago and liked using it occasionally, but it was difficult to clean. Also, occasional use of a juicer isn't incredibly beneficial. I swore I'd never get another juicer because there are messy, loud, and take too long to clean. However, about a month ago I was roped into watching an infomercial for the Fusion Juicer and decided it was time to give juicing another try.

The Fusion Juicer is said to be powerful, quick and quiet and to not get hot so as to not diminish the nutrients of the items being juiced. It is said to be less expensive and easier to clean than many of the competitors, priced at around $100 USD. Does it live up to these expectations? Absolutely!

I've used a few different juicers in the past and they were all loud, messy, and did get noticeably warm. I had to chop everything up before juicing because the shoot wasn't big enough to put whole fruits or veggies in it. The Fusion Juicer can fit a whole small apple (or a larger pear or apple cut in half), large carrots and other larger fruits and vegetables without any problems, including stems and seeds.

This morning I juiced a kale, apple, pear and then blended their juice with whole strawberries, a banana, some ground flaxseed meal, and some blueberries. That was my breakfast and it's kept me full for hours while giving me a shot of energy that has lasted a considerable amount of time as well. I made that this morning in less than 15 minutes total, and that's including the time it took to clean the machine! The Fusion Juicer came with a small blender used for smoothies with a travel cup to go, and that's what I used for the smoothie. I drank it on my way to work.

I highly recommend this if you are interested in buying a juicer. But why juice? Isn't it better to just eat whole fruits and vegetables? There are definitely negatives and positives for everything. On the one hand, juicing does remove most of the fiber from whatever you're juicing and just extracts the juice. However, it's easy to scoop a spoonful or two of the pulp into your juice to get some of it back into your drink. Also, I think of it this way: I can drink a large cup of fresh juice with no preservatives containing whatever I want.

Yesterday I juiced some kale, carrots, grapes, apples, pears, and lemon into one large cup of juice and added some pulp into it. Would it really be so easy for me to sit there and eat all of those healthy items? It's a quick, easy way to get a powerful dose of nutrients.

Of course, I still eat whole fruits and veggies, but I use this as a way to further increase my intake of fruits and vegetables in an easy and healthy way.

There are a couple things I would change. First of all, the machine doesn't sit up very high, so you either need to use a very short glass or raise the machine on a cutting board or some other type of platform. Also, the spout isn't very long. It could be a few centimeters longer in order to make it easier to flow into the glass. Other than those two things, and even with those two shortcomings, it's a great machine.

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