Once upon a time, I was afraid to #plug a #computer in. But with a little help from my #friends and family, I got brave and joined Twitter. Of course I did it all wrong. Hey, you live and learn how to feed the birds in #cyber-space. I had learned that no one would support my site, unlessI had a a growing a flock who trusted my content. Today I begin to kill two birds with one stone. (That does not sound good.)

One big bird is to start sharing about those people who have mentored me. I can pay back by sharing some information about them with those of who who would like to learn more about getting words read. I will be sharing about more of my mentors as time goes on. Michael Q Todd is first on my list. His gravtar is hard to miss with the green wig. Michaelcertainly knows how to grab his audineces' attention. Would you not agree? Here is the link to his #Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/mqtpage?ref=stream Michael shares tips from other experts or about new #apps as well as sharing his own #reliable content. For example today his tip was about #Xeeme.You make a profile page and watch your on-line presence grow. http://xeeme.com/_/system/register2.cfm

Normally, the expetrts say to avoid those sites that promice to increase your number of followers. Well, that is just plain lazy if you fall for the scam.

Micahel Todd has never steered me wrong. I will research this #Xeeme site first and discuss it with my son before I do anything. But I think it is something worth exploring. If I understand corretly, Xeeme kind of organizes a way for people to find you. For those of you who write on #bubblews.com I recommend you make connectios outside the bubblews wonderful community. Build your self a solid and honest base in cyber sapce to tweet your content to. If people don't know your name or don't know that you have something to share, they will never come looking for you.

Also on Michael Todd's Facebook page, link above, I recommend you check out a post from Jeff Bullas's blog. In the link Michael passed on Jeff Bullas shares about how to time your pins on Pinterest. Don't know what Pinterest is? Well, check it out because it is the fasted growing social media site out there. It will draw traffic to your bubblews link where you earn some cash for each veiw. If people do like your content, they will come back and they will share your links on Twitter, Facebook and google +. (Go easy about selelcting people to follow when you join a site. There are apps out there such as Klout and Twitclean that will spill the beans if you are a #spammer, #dodgey orwill tell you where you need to improve in your interactions. While you are on Twitter you will notice other people's Klout score. 100 is nearly impossible to get, except for #Justin #Beiber.

Where did I learn all of this information? I picked it up from reading Michael Todd and Jeff Bullas via Twitter.

As an avid follower of Miceal Q Todd and Jeff Bullas, this is my way of paying them back most #sincerely for educating me about how to feed Twitter bird with my Facebook on bubblews.com I hope that you may find some answers to your questions about how to maket your name and get more views on bubblews. (both men have so many followers,I am just a drop in the ocean of veiwer who learn.)

I follow Micaheal Todd on Twitter and #Rebel-Mouse. I did not miss that green hair and knew #immediately that I followed him elsewhere. Don't know about Rebel-Mouse? Here is the link to the front page. https://www.rebelmouse.com/rebelmouse/ Please read the dierections before you go willy nilly clicking on every thing isn site. I am still learning, but I will share my link to Rebel-Mouse so you can #examine how my front page works. You might notice a head of green hair in the box with my follower's #gravatars.

https://www.rebelmouse.com/NoNoncentsNanna/ On my front page you will see that I have been feeding teh eRebel-Mouse from my Twitter-tweets, Facebook, my new blog and google +. Feel free to try out clicking, then let me know if my stone/post helps you know how to feed the Twitter bird and all of its connections.

I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna saying, "Make good choices."

Ps my Twiiter name is @unwrittenbook You will recognie my gravatar as the same I no wuse on bubblews.com/ Feel free to explore my Twitter page to see how others Tweet effectivley and not so effectivley. Look for mentors who you might want to follow to teach you how to feed the Twiter bird.

Edited: check out this link by Nicky Kriel 55 things to tweet about. http://www.nickykriel.com/blog/twitter/55-things-to-tweet-about/comment-page-1/#comment-9726