I am not sure if you read my other post about Diamond candles, but I Just got my newest Jewel Scent candle in the mail. If you do not know what Jewel scent candles and Diamond candles are, they are candles that have a ring inside. They are unique and all soy all natural candles. Before you read this review be sure to read my review on when I got that Diamond candle. I ordered the red currant Jewel Scent candle and it smells awesome and is burning way slower than the Diamond candle that I had bought. It had 2 day shipping and I am just really excited it finally came. I love love love the outside of the glass on the Jewel Scent candle it is really decorated and looks nice in the house. I have been burning it 3 hours and you can barely tell I have been burning it. I am waiting to see what ring I got. O and the best part is with Jewel Scent you get to pick your ring size. I am so excited to find out what one I got. If you are interested in buying one of these here is a link, you wont regret it and it is a 2 in one, you get an awesome candle that burns a long time and you get a ring that you know will fit. Http://www.jewelscent.com/elizabethmarie