I started re-watching the greatest television show of all-time a few weeks ago. Of course I'm talking about the Sopranos. I started my re-watch the day of James Gandolfini's funeral. I've been a huge Sopranos fan since it debuted in 1999. I'm up to season four now. I've been getting through the episodes pretty fast. I think by now that I've seen every episode probably 6 times by now. They only get better the more you see them!

The big storyline of season three is Jackie Aprile Jr. His father was acting boss of the family when the show began but passed away from cancer. Jackie Sr. was also one of Tony Soprano's best friends so he feels obligated to look out for his kid. The problem is, Jackie Jr. doesn't want to go to college and be a doctor (which is what his dad wanted), he wants to be a gangster like his old man and Tony. Jackie Jr. begins dating Tony's daughter Meadow Soprano and that leads to Tony taking a greater interest in his life. Tony strongly encouraging him not to mess up but of course Jackie does. He ends up getting dumped by Meadow after she catches him cheating on her. Then Jackie Jr. and his buddies decide to stick-up a connected card game to earn respect. The stick-up goes bad and Jackie's two buddies are killed. Since shots were fired at three made guys it is a death sentence for Jackie Jr. Vito clips him and the last episode of season 3 is his funeral and the aftermath. When season three aired, in 2001, Jason Cerbone was a big deal. He's the actor who played Jackie Jr. and he was on every magazine cover. Cerbone was touted as the next big thing and thousands of girls had crushes on him. I remembered all of this while I was re-watching and it made me wonder what ever happened to Jason Cerbone. I looked at his IMDB page and it's shocking how little work he has had since the Sopranos. A spot on a TV show here, a small movie there but nothing of significance. It makes you wonder what happened to him. Did he really peak at 24? You would think after his popularity on the Sopranos that he would have been flooded with job offers. I'm really surprised that his career never amounted to anything more.