OK........that headline's actually over a month old........and a think a similar story circulated earlier this year.

But apparently one of my Facebook friends just found out about it today........it went something like this (WAAAAAY condensed version).....

POSTER 1: "Jackie Chan has died from an apparent 50 ft fall in Austria while filming a movie.. SNOPES says this is still coming in as true.."

POSTER 2: "It's not true!"

POSTER 3: "CBS announced it also. He actually died last week."

POSTER 2: "When did CBS announce it?"

POSTER 4: "They didn't!"

POSTER 3: "I have it on my FB page."

POSTER 5: "I checked this a couple days ago and it said it wasn't true. Jackie Chan is awfully popular I'd think it would have made all the news channels if it were true"

Finally....ME: "If Jackie Chan fell 50 feet, he would do a quadruple back flip, 2 roundhouses, a cartwheel, and land in a crouching tiger position all while making a peanut butter sandwich...."

Poster 1: " I just went & looked again at Snopes, and it says "story is still developing."

ME: "I don't know what you're reading ___, but the Snopes page I keep looking at has a big red FALSE on it.
.......but if you need more proof, just go to Jackie's Facebook page.....he just posted yesterday.......and he didn't say he was posting from the afterlife or anything.....
(I didn't mention the picture at the left from Jackie's Facebook page, but by this time, it had already peppered this ongoing dialogue at least 3 times.)

Poster 1: "What I had read was "an email sent earlier" didn't realize what it was till now.."

ME (to myself): *SIGH!*

At this point the whole discussion had broke down to just silly bantering between my friends and I.....


POSTER 6: "You mean Jackie Chan died ?"

ME (again): *SIGH!!!*

POSTER 7: "Well that was a disturbing look at social site dysfunction, lol."

POSTER 8: "Y'all are NUTS!!!!!!!

Who are these people that start these stupid rumors?

WHY do people start these stupid rumors?

And WHY don't people thoroughly check things out before mindlessly re-posting these stupid rumors???