So,we have all been hearing about how Zazzle has been changing.Some for the better and some for the not-so-better.There have been changes in royalties,how we get paid,minimum royalties we can set and thresholds for pay-pal and checks.They have changed the design process,the products we can make,how we can integrate a design and how it appears on a product. (tiled or not) Oh,yes and even changes to the rating system from a 1-5 star system to a more social media friendly "like" and "link" layout. Well,Today the changed the whole darn site!! I have been a zazzle seller since 2006 and in my option this is the biggest change they ever have made.My store looks completely different! The banner and the background are gone replaced by a sorta grey text with an almost antiseptic white background my featured products are there front and center along with clickable baby blue links to the side.When you click on a product it "pops" out of the page a bit another something new on the store homepage.Also, I am noticing lots more of click-a-ble features like the homepage and the shopping cart. I'm sure that there is a way to customize the banner,the homepage and the links but the quintessential question I have is do I want to? I do want to make it my own store with my own flair nevertheless, the way Zazzle has been changing I suppose the question I should be asking myself is do I want to invest the time to change it,when they are just going to change it anyhow.In a month? A year? Change is an inevitable part of life and if we become stagnant in the ever changing field of design we become yesterdays news in a heartbeat.I kinda like the white its clean,crisp and professional looking but ,I long for the changes to stop.For not that long ago Zazzle was a baby perhaps part of me is a acting like a Mother who dosn't want to see her baby grow up. I'm curious Zazzlers watcha think? #Zazzle #art #artist #photography #ruthjolly #ruth-jolly #media #Zazzle-changes #bubblews