Calabria is located in South Italy, oranges, lemons, raisins, artichokes and eggplant are today an important part of the cookery in Calabria. Calabria is known for it's amazing seafood dishes, tasty eggplant dishes, pita bread, amazing sweet figs and melon dishes and they're also known for there good wines. Wines from Calabria is not that known to people around the world, and this is because they only have a few wines that they export out internationally, this wines are often only bought by south-Italian people who have moved out of South-Italy. But for those who've tasted the wine while visiting Calabria knows that they have extraordinary wines with such an amazing aroma and taste. From the turquoise blue sea around Calabria, I welcome you to join this amazing food journey in the Region of Calabria, Welcome!

Walking around in a local food marked in Reggio di Calabria a town in Calabria on a Wednesday, it's food market time at Piazza Mercato. There are all kinds of food around you, all kinds of fresh vegetables, sausages, and different meats, olive oils, dried and fresh spices, all kinds of food you can imagine. I Love the feeling when you walk around and see all the good ingredients and you almost can't wait to get started on the shopping list you have safely hidden in your wallet. Now over to the cookery of Calabria, first up is the famous eggplant. Imagine slicing the eggplant in boat shaped pieces and sprinkle some fresh Parmesan over and let it fry in the oven, this dish is one of my favorites. This dish is actually on of the signature dishes from Calabria. There is hundreds of different eggplant dishes from this region, and most of them is amazing.

Another thing that Calabria is known for is there Pita bread. A special dish that a friend of mine recommended is " Pitta Arrignata con L'origano" It's a good dish, with oregano, olive oil, Sardella. pepper, capers, and a dash of vinegar.

Sea food is very important to the people of Calabria, since the region is located by the sea, seafood has become a big part of the food culture here. In This town called Bagnara in Calabria, they have this food festival every year in July to honor the swordfish. During the festival you get swordfish in all shapes and sizes, and two of the most known swordfish dishes in Calabria is in fact Rolled Swordfish in Tomato sauce, and Marinated swordfish grilled on the BBQ. Lobster, Shrimps, and octopus is also a big hit with the locals in Calabria, and not only with the tourists.

Now over to the sweeter corner of Calabria. Sugar, Honey and candied fruits are processed in tons in the Calabrian bakeries, and they are known for there good sweets! filled dried figs are one of many favorites you can get in this are. Another thing the locals of Calabria are known for is there citrus liqueur, two solid favorites here is the Liquore di Mandarini and the Liquore Di Limoni.

Melons, just like squash melons also is a part of the pumpkin family. Nothing is better then to enjoy a juicy, cool watermelon when you're relaxing on the beach on a hot summer day! The best way to eat a melon is when it's eaten with your hands or with Parma ham.

This was some of the food specialties of the region Calabria.